Your website can be the missing link to expanding your business and beating the competition. Creating a well structured and impressive looking website helps, but misses online opportunities for your business.

Opportunities like getting more customers and finding higher paying clients, lead to increased revenue and awareness for your business. You are in the online era and you have the power of the net at your fingertips. Let’s make the most of it and work together.

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Just because you have a website and social media profile you might think to yourself “I’m sorted with online marketing”. All I can say is come and have a consultation and I will do an in-depth review.

Because if you are marketing online with a website then you should have interest from potential customers every day. I am not some kind of ‘know it all’ with an ‘I know best’ attitude.

I’m learning new things every day and with a background in nursing, decades of website development and two years of ongoing training in marketing and online sales systems.

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The sales system

Building a website and building a sales system are very different vehicles. Sales systems are websites built with the consumer in mind. We are talking about being very specific about who your business serves and creating content in line with your ideal customer.

Good design and content will make website visitors see you as the authority and trust you to provide a great service. Not only that but it will also convert visitors into the right kind of customers who value your help, are thrilled with your service and will refer you to others.

What I can do for you

Website design

Build a compliant website following best design practices.

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The web design and content is centered around your customers to create trust and make them take action. Action might be completing a contact form or phoning your office. Planning and research is then the first stage of development. Websites must be fast loading and work on different devices or you will loose potential customers to your competition. The final stage is amendments and dealing with any bugs before publishing on the net.

Care plan

I look after your websites analytics, backing up, security and updates.

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Businesses don’t always have time or want the hassle of maintaining their website. That’s where I come in and look after the day to day maintenance of your website.


The higher your google ranking, the more visible your website will be and more new customers you can get.

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Simple onpage SEO is included with the web design package. More intensive SEO work with off page analytics, keyword research and monthly reports is a separate service I offer for businesses who want to improve their google search results further.

FREE consultations so send me a message and if you are local we can meet up or if not then, there’s always the phone or video calling.

So if you want my input and for straight answers, just send me a message.