I help Shropshire and Powys companies get more client's. The right kind of client you love working with

When you work with me we research your customers and competitors and build a sales system to convert website visitors into customers.



Hello, I'm your local website designer and SEO expert in Shropshire and Powys that values connection and long term relationships with my client's.

Do you sometimes struggle to get hold of your website designer? Or worse been left with a subpar product and no support?  I can help you, just send me a message.

WordPress is my tool of choice because it's inexpensive and the most flexible website builder I've found.  My web design experience spans 20 years.  Developing HTML websites for local companies in Norfolk before relocating to Powys in 2013 and a new career as a Nurse.


Getting you results with a website

Because your website is functional doesn't mean it's effective.  Make sure you website builds trust and increase the chances visitors buy from you.

If you believe your website is not as effective as it could be then you are probably missing out on sales.

Make sure your customers choose you over competitors


Getting you results with a SEO

Ranking in google search results will help people find your company and in effect help you get more customers.  SEO is a long term strategy decision for you to make because google can take a couple of months to implement the SEO work.


Peace of mind

As a business owner, you are busy with daily tasks and duties to keep things ticking over.  Care Plans is my solution to take the hassle and pressure of running a website out of your hands.  If you need a change or update then I will take care of it.  Your website will be backed up, secured, updated and you will receive monthly reports.

Getting started

1. Start with a meeting

I believe research is the most important part of building any business website and an area that gets neglected way to often over pretty visuals and flashy plugins.

You are the expert of your field of work so we start with a face to face meeting and get to grips with the problems and issues you are hoping to solve with a website.

2. I send a proposal

Within 2 to 3 business days. I will send you a proposal of the project scope and quote of the cost.  You can expect a focus on increasing your sales and getting you more client's because this a common problem for business owners and what I specialise in.

3. Do the work

During the website design process I will continue to update you on progress, problems and anything else you should know.

I value open communication and keeping my client's in the loop.  Maybe because I'm a nurse too and we are bound by NMC guidelines of being completely transparent with my clients.

4. Hand over

After your website is finished, optimised for search engines and working correctly.  I always offer help and support to ensure you know the basics, how to update and add new information to your website. 


Contact Adam

Please complete the form below or alternatively you can phone me direct on 07903243832.

Leave me a voice message about who you are and what the call is about and I will get back within one working day.