Michael Flanagan and Secondhandbowls.co.uk

Proposal presented by: Powys Web Design

Project Scope

Here's the proposal below for your website upgrade we discussed on Tuesday, 18/2/20. I like to keep things straight forward and simple as possible. But at the same time have gone into more details on the plan to make sure we are on the same page.

About your business

You operate 'secondhandbowls.co.uk' website that sells new and used lawn bowls. There are two objectives of the website. Display your current stock to customers and also to advertise to new customers. You prefer to get customers on the phone to sell your products because then you can educate them on different types of bowls and also develop good relationships. I believe this may help you get returning customers and get referrals.

Website upgrade plan

I propose a new website built on the WordPress CMS platform because Wordpress is flexible with thousands of plugins that can add important features to your website. Wordpress will also adapt to different screen sizes and this should increase customers contacting you. I will connect your website to a facebook page and a messenger app to help you communicate with visiting customers. Once the website is complete then 6 hours of my time will be dedicated to show you the database plugin and anything else you want to know about the new website.

Whats included

1. Research stage includes reviewing your competitors websites like 'www.bowlsworld.co.uk'. +Researching the two required plugins and configuring them for your website. Database importing plugin and WhatsApp contact plugin. 2. Website draft stage. After you send me the photos and content to include on the website then I will create a first draft for you to review. 3. Debugging stage is for me to make sure the site works on different screen sizes and different website browsers. 4. Publish stage Once you are happy with the site we will publish it online. 5. Connecting to social media I will setup a facebook page for your website. 6. On-page SEO is to make sure people searching for your company on google will find you so I will do this for you too 7. The website is finished and you are given your website login information and I send you the invoice. 8. 6 hours support included where I will give you any help required for your website.


Couple of other things I got to go through because I want to be transparent and clear with you about what is not included. I will make revisions on the draft stage however after we agree on the web design I will not make more revisions for free. Other expenses I don't think we need to use paid plugins or themes for your website however if I believe paying for a theme or plugin is the best option then I will discuss with you first. I like to split the payment into two parts and request for half to be paid at the beginning of the project and then the rest at the end.

If you're happy with the proposal then could you please click on the accept button and I will be in touch with you shortly


Estimated Timeline:

24th February to 24th March 2020

Website upgrade with extra support
1 month

Total Cost £500

50% paid upfront and the remainder paid after your project is completed

Upfront payment
Final payment

Total: 500

Accept Proposal

If the proposal is to your satisfaction then please continue through to the invoice by clicking the accept button. If you wish to discuss and make altercations then let me know.

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