What web design company should you choose in Shrewsbury?

Trying to figure out which website design company to work with in Shrewsbury or any other area in the UK can be a challenge.

Your website will be the first point of contact with many of your potential customers and is the online face of your business.   It will be the deciding factor whether people choose to work with you or not.

Shrewsbury must have more than fifty web design companies to choose from so it's essential for you to choose the designer that will help your reach the right people - and your business goals.

To help with choosing the best website design agency or freelancer in Shrewsbury, I have created 5 rules.

  1. They Listen to you
  2. They understand Conversion
  3. They design with a Content Management System (CMS)
  4. They come up with their own Ideas
  5. They use Responsive Design best practices

1.  They hear what you're saying

They not only hear what you're saying, they understand that you're the expert of your industry.  No one knows your industry and know how to sell your services better than you do.  If a web designer is not listening to your ideas and only seems to be interested in their pet project, then you might want to steer clear.

2. Understand and focus on conversion

A web design company needs to know more than just how to make your website look pretty.  A good website designer knows how to make a website convert.  That means to know the proven methods and have the data behind what is effective and what is not.   Carefully worded sentences to speak to your customers, call of action and easy to navigate landing pages are some of the elements.

3.  They create your new Website with CMS in Mind

A Content Management System is recommended for most companies because you don't want to be calling a developer every week to make small changes to your website.   I use WordPress for websites because companies can edit their website easily once launched.  Static HTML websites are okay if your happy to pay a developer to update it.

4. Your designer is able to think for themself.

While it's important they listen to you, you want a designer who has their own ideas.  What I'm saying is you don't want a yes-man because if a web design agency only nods their head and creates only what you suggest then your not getting your monies worth.  The designer must be able to bring an opinion and their expertise to the table.

5. Know Best Practices for Responsive Design

Responsive design is the norm these days.  Mobile and tablet usage is around 50% of internet users and this is only going to increase.  It's a must to use a freelancer or agency who knows how to optimise your website for every device.   The responsive design includes text sizes, image adjustments and changes to your navigation menu.