What web design company should you choose in Shrewsbury?

There are at least fifty web designers near Shrewsbury according to Google results. If your like me then I know you will want to work with a local designer, because you can meet them face to face and get an idea who your dealing with.

Start with a Google search 'Shrewsbury web design'

The top couple of entries have the tag 'ads' to indicate they are paid adverts. This tells you the company has a budget to advertise with.

Then the 'Google my business' listings with a map will show you exactly where the web design companies are located. You can bet these companies are nearby you.

The remaining entries are well optimised for ranking in Google and this tells you the companies probably know what their doing with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Contact these companies if SEO is important to you.

What are the best questions to ask a web designer you want to work with?

60% of companies I speak too about web design ask me in the first 5 minutes 'how much does it cost?'.

Contrary to popular belief a website can do more than make your business look professional and established.  Like get you more clients. (The right kind that you prefer to work with).

'How much?' questions should come later. It's like asking a mechanic how much will it cost to fix your car before they've even looked at it.

Instead ask the web designer.  'How could a website made by them improve my business?'. Because a website that's nice to look at, might not be designed to sell your service and misses the mark.

It may benefit you to choose a web design company that is able to prove with past results.    Do they have statistics and reviews of their recent work?  Can they prove they increased sales of past companie's by 20, 50, 100% after the new website was implemented?

How is their communication with you?

  • Are they prompt and quick to respond to your questions?
  • Do they a go the extra mile to explain things in detail to you?
  • Are they transparent and tell you not only the good stuff but the bad stuff too?

If your gut is telling you their holding back information then they probably are.


In summary employ a shrewsbury web designer who's genuinely interested with your company and what it does.  Make sure they have proof of results of other companies they work with.   Look at the results you will get out a new website made by them and go with your gut instinct