Website maintenance just another service you do not need?

You don't need regular maintenance to keep your website running smoothly, just like you don't need to have your vehicle serviced every 6 months.

But many people do for peace of mind because like a car breaking down, a website going offline will cost time and money to fix.  Not to mention customer retention problems and loss of sales.

Fact is out of date software can be vulnerable to cyber attacks and without regular backups, you could lose your website forever.

Adam offers a guaranteed, no-hassle maintenance service for the small investment of £35 per month.  (Roll over contract and can be cancelled at anytime)  Plus for the next 5 sign ups 1 hour of my time to deal with edits or website updates will be included for no extra charge!

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Free Website Health Check includes

  • Security checks
  • Website optimisation and speed checks
  • Script errors
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Missing page check

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Don't worry if you have an issue, take a deep breath and let me have a look for you